Asset Compliant Solutions Celebrates 25 Years

The beginning:

Twenty-five years ago, Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One” was a hit, Titanic was the biggest movie of the year, and Asset Compliant Solutions was born. At the time, company founder and current CEO Brian Noble, was exploring more fulfilling careers outside his family’s furniture business. Then one day he was approached by a lender acquaintance who needed help recovering some collateral assets. 

Always interested in a new challenge, Brian said yes. He got the job, traced the assets and ensured their safe and complete recovery. Just as important, he discovered he liked the work and that he was good at it. Not long afterward, Brian and an early partner set up their business in his partner’s house. Within 6-months, they found that the growing headcount they needed to handle the demand for ACS’s unique brand of collections and recovery service would not fit in a living room. Offices were leased and the official story of ACS began. 

From his earliest days, Brian noted that there were a number of firms in the collections and recovery industry whose business conduct fell short of his own ethical standards. He understood then that collections and recovery work can be done well and it can be done right. This principle – Do good work and do it right – still guides the firm today. And it continues to power the company’s growth and success. 

Hitting the Big Time

Five years after the company’s founding, Brian bought out his partner and embarked on a long-term growth plan, increasing ACS’s executive competencies in financial, administrative, sales and other functional disciplines. Not long after, the growth that Brian had planned and hoped for began to materialize. 

In 1995, ACS landed a relationship with Caterpillar, one of the largest equipment manufacturers and lenders in the world. The opportunity came about when a Caterpillar executive contacted Brian after hearing good things about ACS’s service. The executive asked Brian if ACS could handle a company of Caterpillar’s size. Brian knew it would be a big stretch for his young team, but immediately said yes. Soon after, ACS began working with the company’s Dallas, Texas office. And they continue to grow the business relationship with Caterpillar to this day. 

The relationship with Caterpillar was a turning point for ACS. Soon, other companies started hearing about ACS’s reputation as a solid, professional company. A company that was just as interested in protecting lender reputations as it was in bolstering their bottom lines. This commitment to protecting clients’ reputations is ongoing, as demonstrated by ACS’s recent achievement of SOC-2 Compliance Certification. Once again, ACS is leading the collections and recovery industry with the data integrity measures designed to keep ACS client and customer information safe and secure. 

ACS People  

At ACS, culture is everything. The company boasts the most highly experienced collections and recovery teams in the industry, along with an extensive network of agents all across the U.S. These professionals choose ACS because of the company’s strong compensation and benefits and sterling reputation. They stay at ACS (often for decades) because of the company’s collaborative, family-like atmosphere. And because of our unwavering commitment to ethical business conduct, they know they can take pride in their work and in the work the company is doing.

Always Evolving

Since the moment Brian started working on the first asset recovery engagement 25 years ago, ACS has continually focused on self-improvement. This commitment led to the company’s adoption of EOS, the Entrepreneur Operating System, which has further focused and refined ACS’s singular ability to execute for their lender clients.

This quest for improvement has also served to expand ACS’s capabilities, which have now grown to include early-stage portfolio optimization services to help ACS clients detect and preempt hard-to-collect balances.

Creators of Innovative Solutions Where Complexity and Experience Intersect

Everything ACS does for its lender clients flows from the company’s and its teams’ unity of purpose, professionalism and sense of mutual accountability. Clients trust that their ACS team members, knowing they are highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields. Clients also rest easy, knowing that ACS team members are working together to provide the best possible service and portfolio outcomes to their clients.