A Solution for Every Industry

Partnering with some of the largest, most respected lenders in the country, ACS has delivered superior collections and recovery performance for everything from construction equipment to office furniture.

Up to Date

ACS has developed a suite of upstream solutions, delivered earlier in the loan lifecycle to identify and address trouble spots in lender portfolios before they go into recovery. 

Our time-tested approach leverages ACS systems, technology, talent and vast field network to resolve troubled loan and lease accounts before resorting to the time, expense and risk associated with repossessions. Solutions are custom-built for every client, depending on their circumstances and objectives.

Route to Recovery

ACS has built a reputation as one of the best asset recovery companies in the industry, consistently meeting or beating our clients’ highest expectations. Recovery is a big part of our business, but we view it as a last resort only. 

Route to Recovery, our suite of late-stage loan resolution services, was designed to deliver more successful outcomes for lenders AND their customers. 

When recovery is the only practical option, ACS professionals – inside and out – have the skill, know-how and connections to locate, monitor, recover, transport and store lender assets anywhere in the country. Best of all, ACS technology gives lenders real-time access to asset status throughout the process.

Internal Team

Our team of recovery specialists collect and filter through the accounts to set up for recovery.

External Team

Recovery strategies are developed by our field agent team with information provided by the internal team.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracers analyze and verify information to locate and secure assets.


Recovery process and client communications are streamlined.

Technology & Transparency

ACS has invested heavily in proprietary technology that connect clients, our field network, and ACS specialists – providing stakeholders with rapid access to critical account and asset information. 

From asset condition and location to account status, collection performance trends and more, ACS’s App-3 technology provides our clients and professionals with the information they need when they need it. 

Leveraging our most valuable assets to protect yours – Talent, Technology, Trust.