Wipe Away Worry with ACS Collateral Recovery Services

When it comes to collateral recovery as a function of asset management on underperforming loans it’s natural to have some discomfort surrounding your portfolio’s performance. Every challenged customer represents an opportunity and a risk. Savvy stakeholders know it’s important to minimize the latter whenever possible.

ACS alleviates clients’ concerns by providing a higher level of asset recovery services incorporating compliance based solutions where ethics and brand reputation hold the high ground. Brand reputation, complemented by upstream solutions, that can help reduce the need for recoveries. Our recovery management services resolve issues for clients from a wide variety of industries, and through our network of experienced asset recovery specialists, clients can rest easy knowing their assets and reputations are protected by people and technology proven in the field.

Why Our Recovery Management Services Work

At ACS, we view recovery management as a cohesive system, one designed to help bolster portfolio performance when account resolution is no longer possible. However, many of our clients are able to minimize recovery actions by working with us to take action early, when accounts and relationships can be cured agreeably for all involved.

We created the Collect to Cure program specifically to help lenders regain control and confidence of at-risk accounts. Sometimes, all that’s needed to help spur an account into action is a simple doorknock. Should an account continue to falter in its payments though, we have a remarkable 70% default rate reduction track record through our layered solutions approach. We create custom solutions for clients based on the circumstances and stage of the loan/lease cycle, and this approach enables us to find resolutions in every situation imaginable.

ACS doesn’t just protect physical assets either. We take the protection of client and customer information just as seriously. That’s why we became SOC-2 certified in late 2022, a first in our industry, giving every client the confidence that comes from knowing they have an additional layer of privacy protection.

How Our Asset Recovery Specialists Operate

We know how much personnel matters in recovery management, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our asset recovery specialists are highly trained, experienced, and able to deliver reliable results for our clients.

Our trusted network of field agents has been rigorously vetted and each is monitored for performance that meets the highest standards for regulatory and ethical compliance. This collective experience translates to confidence throughout virtually every recovery scenario, even under challenging circumstances.

We pride ourselves on our recovery management personnel. We also employ best-in-class, proprietary technology to deliver round-the-clock access to client account activity and asset disposition. Throughout any step in our asset recovery services process, clients have real-time updates whenever they need them. 

Increase Confidence & Reduce Risk

Risk is unavoidable in any portfolio. However, it can be mitigated—and financial underperformance avoided —by working with experts who know the collections and recovery management services inside and out. Over our 25-year history, we’ve built a proven formula that yields effective, fast results driven by a people-first approach and the highest caliber professionals. 

People, process and technology. When taken together, our clients rest easy knowing their collateral assets are safe, accounted for, and if necessary can be recovered with minimal risk or uncertainty. That’s why more and more lenders and lease finance companies are choosing to move forward with ACS, confident they’re in good hands in the busy modern business world.